The Water Division offers solutions to all phases of water treatment.
ACS customers are municipal sectors, agriculture and industry.
ACS phases involved in the collection, processing and routing of any water source, whether water from rivers, groundwater, wastewater, seawater or aggressive industrial wastewater.
ACS gets a treated water according to the required standards, whether the treatment is for drinking water, irrigation water, cooling water, wastewater discharged into the environment or ultrapure water for heavy industry.
To meet these needs, ACS works with leading technology providers in the industry. Experienced engineers offer solutions for every need in water from rivers, aquifers or municipal and industrial wastewater. Solutions include mobile modular units and construction of more capacity with their respective civil works.

ACS identify trends in the world of water:
Water is a scarce commodity, and prices maintain an upward trend.
There are global regulations related to water quality that are discharged into the environment. Preserving the environment is a must, so that regulations do not allow pollution of surface waters and aquifers.

These two trends are manifested together and require constant innovations by the water industry to develop technologies and models for treatment of alternative water sources never before considered.
ACS is focusing on the segment of large industrial consumers of water and contaminants, such as mines, refineries and power plants, offering solutions to minimize cost.
ACS, together with its strategic partners are at the forefront in water desalination technology, and consider it a sustainable source to supply drinking water different customers.